Ramazan Main BOL 2020 with Faheem Khan (Seher & Iftar) Timings & Details

Ramazan Main BOL 2020 with Faheem Khan (Seher & Iftar) Timings & Details

“Ramzan Main BOL” is bringing the content that is aimed to spiritually charge the soul and entertain many in Ramzan with BOL Entertainment’s Ramzan Transmission.

Hosted this year by the famous Pakistani news anchor and host Kiran Naz and Faheem Khan, the Sehri and Iftar Transmissions are stacked with content that replenish the soul this Ramadan. Tune into BOL TV’s Ramzan Transmission ‘Ramzan Mein BOL’ for Iftar at 5:30 PM daily & for sehri at 3:00 AM daily.

The transmission includes the recitation of the Holy Quran, Naat Sharif and discussion of various topics and highlighting the teachings of Islam and also includes competitions like quiz and debate competitions.

Sehri Transmission Features “Ambiyaan Ki Baatain”, the segment that has a panel of scholars discussing and taking lessons from the lives of the great Messengers of Islam. “Haqeeqat aur Aqeedat kay Bol” and “Aalim Kay Bol” in Sehri Transmission also features a panel of top scholars who discuss various Islamic topics, personal struggles of people today and give insightful information.

Iftar Transmission features “Tol Kay Bol”, an Islamic debate competition where people from all over the country have come to participate. “Ilm Kay Bol” is the Islamic quiz competition in the Iftar Transmission that spikes the interest of the audience with its intriguing question, answer session.

“Aaj Roza Khushayee Hai Bol”, is the segment in Iftar Transmission where children who are observing their first fast are invited to break the fast on screen.
The show was famously hosted by Amir Liaquat in 2018.

Tune in to their Sehri and Iftar Transmissions to gain an insight into religiously relevant topics and much more.