Sindh Government Restrict Taraweeh and Other Prayer to 5 People

Sindh Government Restrict Taraweeh and Other Prayer to 5 People

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that in view of Coronavirus, like last Friday, strict lockdown will be carried out from 12 noon to 3 pm today. In his video message, Murad Ali Shah said that specific people in mosques should offer prayers in congregation. Taraweeh prayers will start from today for which the same procedure will be followed. In his message, he said that 3 to 5 people can recite Taraweeh in mosques, while the rest should worship at home.

He said that in this regard, according to the opinion of the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, and the doctors, we have to make this difficult decision.

It may be recalled that President Arif Ali had announced after meeting the scholars that as a precautionary measure, collective Taraweeh and prayers would be offered in the mosques during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Yesterday, the President of Pakistan Medical Association, Dr. Ashraf Nizami, had said that the time has come when patients are being treated on the streets. The next two to four weeks are very important for Pakistan.

Dr. Ashraf Nizami said that Taraweeh and prayers should not be held in mosques as the SOPs created for mosques could not be implemented in practice.

Strict Lockdown

To prevent the deadly Coronavirus, a strict lockdown is being carried out across Sindh this Friday, which has begun, under which Friday prayer gatherings have been kept extremely limited.

The lockdown started at 12 noon and will continue till 3:30 pm during which no one is allowed to leave the house. There is almost no traffic on the roads while the citizens are confined to their homes.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has decided to restrict Friday prayers and Taraweeh prayers in mosques across the province and also announced a strict lockdown across Sindh from 12 noon to 3:30 pm today.

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The Sindh government is conducting a lockdown for the fourth consecutive Friday to curb the spread of the coronavirus across Sindh, including Karachi. The Sindh government has also directed that only three to five members of the mosque administration be allowed to offer Friday prayers in mosques.

Meanwhile, police, Rangers, and Pakistan Army youths deployed in different cities, including Karachi, are blocking the city’s routes and enforcing lockdown, trying to keep people confined to their homes.

No shops were open during the lockdown, however, after the lockdown, grocery stores and grocery stores will be open from 3 pm to 6:30 pm.