Top 5 Turkish Horror Movies That Will Give You Nightmares

Are you finding the best horror movie to watch this weekend with your friends or loved ones? You probably would have watched hundreds of Hollywood and Bollywood Horror movies, but have you ever tried Turkish horror movies? Well, Turkish horror movies are definitely the scariest thing I have ever watched. If you also want to give it a try then I have listed a list of the 5 best Turkish Horror Movies that will give you nightmares.

Dabbe: Curse of the Jinn

Dabbe, which translates to a baby animal or “walking with difficulty,” is one of the best psychotronic film written and directed by Hasan Karacadag. The most exciting part of the movie is that it’s based on true events! The story of the movie revolves around a woman whose body becomes possessed by a dead spirit while preparing for her wedding. But thanks to her old friend who is a psychologist, rushes towards her friend to cure her before the wedding.

Beddua: The Curse

If you are someone who loves suspense and twists that will keep you captivated till the end, this is the movie for you. Beddua is directed by Alper Mestçi and was released in 2018. The movie is filled with horror and suspense like in The Conjuring and The Evil Dead. The story is about four high school friends, Melek, Burcu, Eda, and Ayla, whose lives will change forever as they meet a shaman woman named ‘Havel.’


Siccin, released in 2020, is one of the most famous Turkish horror movies that’s based on a Turkish town plagued by black magic, and everyone must rely on hidden clues within The Holy Quran to help cure the people affected by the devil spirits.

Üç Harfliler: Adak

Horror, Thriller, Love and Betrayal, this movie will drive you crazy with its amazing story-line. The story revolves around a character named Salih, who was shot in his brain with a rifle in the forest where he went hunting with his friend Metin. Salih now has to live with bullets in his brain and needs both material and spiritual help to heal. In the meantime, Matin who first promised to help Salih betrays him as he engages with his girlfriend leaving him along with his mother.


Based on Dajjal (an evil figure in Islamic eschatology, who will pretend to be the promised Messiah, appearing before the Day of Judgment), The movie is directed by Özgür Bakar and shines the terrifying light on the arrival of the Dajjal bringing destruction along with him in Istanbul, Turkey.