Twitter Trends: Sindhi’s oppose construction of Bhasha Dam

Diamer Bhasha Dam

The recent government has at last started the construction work of the Bhasha dam on Indus River, although the decision to build the dam was already taken about 50 years ago. Also, it is worth mentioning that the last government ordered to stop the construction of the dam until year 2037. But the current PM ‘Imran Khan’ government has taken the initiative to start the construction and complete the project as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, recently visited the construction site of “Bhasha Dam” on Wednesday for inspection, the government officials informed him about the recent activities regarding the construction of the dam. PM, Imran khan said in his speech while addressing the officials and media that he remorse about the poor vision of previous governments, saying that China has already built over 80,000 including 5,000 big dams at this time, whereas Bhasha dam will be only the third big dam in Pakistan till now.

“Diamer Bhasha Dam will be our third big dam. China already has around 5,000 big dams and a total of about 80,000 dams. From this, you can measure the huge mistakes we have made in the past. Unfortunately, the previous government took decisions on a short-term basis and focused on completing the projects just ahead of the elections.”

Imran Khan, also highlighted the fact that the dam’s 6.4 MAF (million-acre feet) water will irrigate 1.2 million acres of agricultural land. He also mentioned that this project will be the reason for providing almost 16,000 jobs for people of the nation, Moreover, the dam will generate 4,500 MW (Megawatt) of electricity which will be quite affordable and eco-friendly.

Whereas everyone seems really happy regarding this Mega Project, on the other hand, the World Sindhi Congress (WSC) has issued a statement in which they have strongly opposed the decision made by Pakistan government to regarding the construct Diamer-Bhasha Dam on river Indus, by saying:

“We believe that the ‘Sindhis’ and local people in the region of sindh are already suffering from huge shortage of agriculture water and required discharge into the Arabian Sea to block the sea-water intrusion into the mainland. In future, building a new dam will make things even worse”.

After this event, a new trend has been emerged on Twitter and other various social media platforms, people of Sindh are raising their voices using twitter hashtag #SindhRejectsBhashaDam. Let us take a look what people are saying: