Urdu Lughat is the finest Urdu to Urdu Online Dictionary

Urdu Lughat is the finest Urdu to Urdu Online Dictionary

Urdu is among the five most spoken languages in the world. Yet its presence online is a serious concern. On Wikipedia, just 10,000 articles are written in Urdu. Over 40,000 pages on Wikipedia are writing in Urdu but only a quarter are complete articles.


Apart from poor online presence Urdu lacks accurate online dictionaries except one. Urdu Lughat (English: Urdu Dictionary) is a ray of light for all the Urdu speakers and its learners. So log on to (http://urdulughat.info/) if you want to know meaning of any difficult world in Urdu.

Zaid Akram hard-work resulted in forming the website after eight months of sheer dedication. With meanings of  over 116,000 words and the number of words are growing day by day. Recently, an option of advanced search was also added to the website.

The founder Zaid Akram is a graduate of FAST-NU, he was a huge fan of the literature of Urdu. Because of his love for the language he made his aim to increase the presence of Urdu online. Thus, he started this open source project. According to him any kind of contribution is welcomed from anybody.

The Urdu dictionary “Feroz ul Lughat” is used to increase the vocabulary in the website. The dictionary is also quite rich in examples, which come along with searched queries.

National Language plays an important role in establishing a nation’s worth worldwide. In this era of internet revolution it is essential to spread our nation’s language and our identity all across the world. This what “Urdu Lughat” is doing for so many years.