Urwa Hocane gets trolled for Blaming people of Karachi for the devastating situation after Rain

Karachi rains have devastated the whole city and its citizens. The businesses are suffering, the people are suffering, the infrastructure is in shambles and there is unprecedented life loss. And in this government and authorities cannot be found anywhere. And when amongst all this, a privileged actress like Urwa Hocane tweets that Karachiites should stop “whining”, does not sit well with the people of the drowning city.

Urwa Hocane, the famed actress has blatantly tweeted that the people of Karachi are basically reaping the fruits of their own doing and should not complain now that the urban flood has hit them.

Though it is true that people of the city have become negligent because the government has neglected the whole city, but to blame them solely responsible for the losses incurred is very inconsiderate on Urwa’s part. Urwa is a much loved celebrity and saying such statements from her, makes her fans disappointed in the starlet who maybe is not aware of the grave suffering all the classes are facing at the moment.

People surely gave Urwa back as good as she gave:

People educate the actress, that the hard working people of Karachi pay their taxes and it was the governments part to administer and plan the city’s infrastructure.

Urwa Hocane recieves hate online after posting a photo on Instagram

Planning not responsibility of citizens, people showed the extent the people can plan with, in their limited resources

People also turn the tables on Urwa and ask her what service has she done for the suffering of the people during all this time.

Urwa no doubt gave her opinion wrongfully not keeping in mind the historic catastrophe that Karachi is facing right now and such opinions only create frustration rather than prompt positivity.