Baahubali 2-The Conclusion Review

Baahubali 2-The Conclusion

Baahubali 2-The Conclusion is an epic war drama film with high pack action sequences. Directer S.S.Rajamouli has pulled off one of the finest triumphs of VFX in the Bollywood industry.

Baahubali 2-The Conclusion Overall Rating 3.5/5

Made on the highest budget for a Bollywood movie and released in different regional languages, Baahubali hits all the spot in action department. The film is made and shown on a colossal scale.


Why Kattappa killed Baahubali has been answered. The question in itself had the audience on the edge of their seats very early.There is a lot more in this fairytale world: A new city where Baahubali meets his future wife Devsena (Anushka Shetty), splendid views of a moonlit war there where cattle with fire in their horns fight the enemy.

The story of the sequel starts from where the first one ended. The first half of the story concentrates on the love story of Baahubali and Devsena. Then comes the twist in the movie when Devsena rejects the proposal of Bhalaldeva.

The movie’s end has shown one of the best CGI wars you could see. This movie has surely made the standard high for upcoming fantasy and VFX movies.

Direction And Cinematography 4.5/5

S.S Rajamouli has done of the finest jobs in directing this saga movie and is equally supported by the cinematography. Also, the Cinematography of the movie is one of the best you would have seen in recent times.

Acting 2.5/5

Rana Dagubatti and Prabhas truly shines in their own respective role of destructive warriors. Their performance is filled with great action sequences. On the other hand, they fail to pull off a scene which has emotions or drama. Similarly, both the actresses steal the show in action but can’t create emotion required for this kind of story.


Above all, the film on a wholesome is a great entertainer and visual delight. The movie will not bore you till the end and is surely worth your time watching.