Jazz Tiktok Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Package details 2020

Jazz Tiktok Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Package details 2020

TikTok has become the phenomenon that is now part of everyone’s life today, with becoming the second most downloaded app in the world just behind Facebook and zoom. And now Pakistanis have become obsessed with the app as young TikTokers deliver amazing content that keeps us entertained. Jazz has now come out with internet bundles exclusively for TikTok which allows you to stream content all day.

Social video app TikTok from ByteDance has been downloaded more than 2 billion times globally on the App Store and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

It has been the most downloaded application across iOS and Android, ahead of even WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

TikTok has seen a boom in new downloads and users during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Catering to this need, Jazz Tiktok packages are amazing and convenient for the user base to stay connected all day.

Tiktok has become one of the most used social media platforms nowadays. It is an application which allows the users to make short videos along with their favorite music on the background. You can also make videos on the dialogues of any movie or serials you like. Jazz tiktok packages will let you stream all the videos that can be done.

Tiktok is gaining much attention on social media. It has even left behind some other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Tiktok has many features to make your videos very interesting and appealing. Many transitions, effects and much more like these features make the video worth it. This is the reason why Tiktok is getting much likes and downloads in the entire world. A number of people make videos on TikTok and upload on the application. Here they get likes and this process goes on.

To get our users up to date with this new Tiktok trend, we have come up with the Jazz Tiktok packages through which you can use Tiktok in very cheap and affordable prices.
Jazz Daily Tiktok Package Code:

Network brings the most suitable package for Tiktok users at a very cheap cost.
The activation code, price and volume of the Jazz Tiktok Package s as follows:

Go to the dial pad of your phone:

Type *114*5#
You will receive 30 MBs internet for 4G Internet streaming and Tiktok.
It costs only Rs 5.
The validity is 1 day.
You can also check the status by dialing *114*5*2#

Jazz Daily Browser Internet Package:

Use Tiktok along with the 4G internet streaming by Jazz Tiktok package. To avail of this offer, you have to follow the following steps:

Go to the dial pad of your phone:

Dial *117*11#
You will get 50 MBs internet and
To check the staus you can dial *117*11*2#
This offer is valid for 1 day
Costs Rs 12/–

Jazz Weekly Mega 3G/4G Internet Package details For Weekly Activation

Jazz Tiktok Package Weekly:

To avail jazz tiktok offer for a week, you have to subscribe the code given below,

Go to the dial pad:

Dial *117*14#
You will get 2500 MBs data for tiktok and internet streaming
This offer is valid for 7 days
You can also check the status by dialing *117*14*2#
It costs Rs 50/-

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package Offer:

To avail jazz tiktok package supreme offer, follow the steps given below:

Go to dial pad of your phone:

Dial *117*7#
You will get 500 MBs and 200 MBs for just Facebook, WhatsApp and tiktok.
Validity is 7 days
It costs only 75/-

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Jazz Tiktok Package Monthly:

For Jazz Tiktok Monthly Package and Internet streaming offers, follow these steps:

Offer can be subscribed in just Rs 500/-
To avail this offer, dial *117*31#
You will get 3000 MBs for internet and tiktok
Validity is 30 days
Check status by dialing *117*31*2#