PUBG Mobile “Mysterious Jungle” Mode is Released

PUBG Mobile "Mysterious Jungle" Mode is Released

PUBG Mobile has made a number of changes recently, entertaining people and trying to keep the top spot in mobile gaming, now PUBG released its latest “Mysterious Jungle” mode.

In the past few days, there has been increasing teasing around what could happen in the future. The game has just come out of a big event around Miramar and it looks like Sanhok – the jungle map – is the next target.

These details come from Twitter, where the official PUBG Mobile account says there will be a “Mysterious Jungle” mode on June 1.

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Little has been said, but we can see the map of Sanhok in the picture confirming this side of the story, while the teasing text simply says that “New discoveries are waiting.” Elsewhere, it says “If you know where to look,” suggesting that there will be rewards of some sort to be found.

More recently, the appearance of hot air balloons may suggest that you can take off and get some air.

PUBG Mobile has had tremendous success over the past few years, but more recently there have been a lot of complaints about hacking and cheats, with common things like easy-to-spot quick hacks in the game.

This is a huge problem for PUBG Mobile, as the game itself is really good, occupying the top positions on the iPhone and Android app stores.

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Lately, PUBG mobile has added two additional modes, including Arctic mode for the Vikendi map where players prepare for the freezing cold to get Bluehole mode for the Erangel map. In the second mode, players should pay attention to the blue areas that are outside and inside the safety zones. There was also the Miramar card which was recently updated Mad Miramar.