Saba Qamar’s new vlog ‘Kab Samjho Gay’ is on Depression and Mental Illness

Saba Qamar's new vlog 'Kab Samjho Gay' is on Depression and Mental Illness

After releasing videos on relevant topics like “life in Isolation during Pandemic” and “Status of a women in Entertainment”, Saba Qamar has yet again posted about the much pressing topic of Depression on her YouTube Channel.

The video titled “Kab Samjho Gay” starts off by placing the question on the society, on us, that how many more people need to take their own lives in order for us to understand that a human is made sensitive and delicate by nature and in the face of constant bullying, they often deem it better to end their lives as the society will not stop haunting them.

Saba mentioned a few names such as model Anam Tanoli and Quratulain Ali Khan, university student Rushaan Farrukh and Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, all of whom were brought to their knees due to societal pressures and took their own lives.

Saba then mentions some of the few things that are cause of much anxiety for many in the society, like people criticising someone on their physical beauty as they don’t have a fair complexion, or their financial status as they have not big bungalows and cars to show off, and many things like these.

Saba Qamar asks that do the people not know how their words are ripping souls apart. Do they not care to stop such evil and put an end to the suffering of others?

In the end she blames the brought up as our religion and education system does teach a child that a good character and being kind and empathetic were the best traits but those children never saw the application of these big words by their elders in real life hence never truly learned it themselves.

The hard hitting video and its commentary has been written by Saba Qamar herself, produced by Saba Qamar and Muhammad Adnan Butt and directed by Fahd Nur.

The video is beautifully made with close shots of the beautiful actress in an all-white attire, depicting pain and anger.