Safari Park Karachi: Location, Timings, Tickets, Facilities and More

Safari Park Karachi: Location, Timings, Tickets, Facilities and More

Safari Park Karachi is one of the most popular adventurous places in the city. It boasts a vast green landscape with different animals and a variety of wild species. The animals are kept in large enclosures so that visitors can see them in their natural habitat. The wildlife sanctuary is located in the suburbs of the city to protect the animals.

Located in the lively neighborhood of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Safari Park Karachi is close to Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Families residing in these areas often spend their weekends at the park with their children, who love animals. The park has a beautiful serene environment, which adds to the peaceful experience.

Established by the Karachi government in 1970, Safari Park Karachi is one of the oldest parks in the city. The park is located close to the well-known artery, the University Road, and offers unique attractions such as the Mini Zoo, Safari Zoo, Go-Aish Adventure Park, and much more.

The park offers fantastic facilities that visitors will love. People can spend hours exploring the park and appreciating its minute details. There are plenty of food and snack options, including biryani, chips, and biscuits, for those who get hungry.

Safari Park Karachi Ticket Price

The entry ticket to Safari Park Karachi is budget-friendly, with individuals charged a minimal amount of PKR 30 per head, including children and adults. However, there are additional prices for the various facilities in the park, such as the bus ride that takes you around the park.

  • Safari Park Karachi Ticket Price: PKR 30 per head (Children And Adults)

Location and Contact Details

Safari Park Karachi is located on University Road in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. The park’s contact number is (021) 99204300.

  • Safari Park Karachi Location: Main University Rd, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh.
  • Safari Park Karachi Location: (021) 99204300

KMC announced to reopen Karachi Zoo & other recreational parks from Tuesday

Safari Park Karachi Timings

The park is open every day, with the same timings on weekends and weekdays. It opens at 6 am and closes at 8 pm. However, some services, such as the bus ride, begin at 2 pm every day.

  • Safari Park Karachi Timings: 8 PM To 8 PM.
  • Bus Rides and Other Services: 2 PM To 8 PM.

Things To Do At Safari Park Karachi:

Services Offered by Safari Park Karachi Safari Park Karachi offers various services and activities that can make your family trip memorable. The park covers a vast area, so visitors should be prepared to walk a long distance. The massive green grassland adds to the peaceful experience. Here are some services offered by Safari Park Karachi:

  • Bus and train ride
  • Chair Lift
  • Swan Lake
  • Kashmir Point
  • Adventure Land
  • Amusement Park
  • Elephant Enclave
  • Go-aish Theme Park

Attractions at Safari Park Karachi Safari Park Karachi has been famous among the public of Karachi for many years. This popularity is because of its attractions, facilities, and unique style. Below are some attractions at the park:

Bus Ride

The bus ride is one of the best services of Safari Park Karachi. The park offers a bus ride to the main wildlife park, taking visitors through gate number 1 and gate number 2. People can see various animals such as zebra, lamb, monkey, elephant, and deer.

Swan Lake

Safari Park Karachi has an attractive swan lake with many ducks inside it. The lake features a pagoda-style sitting area for the ducks. Visitors can feed the white swans with some popcorn and bread and watch them paddling their way from side to side of the lake water, making for a breath taking experience.


Go-aish is a private theme park that offers various games such as quad biking, ropes course, indoor climbing, paintball, and mini-golf course. However, it is currently closed for some reason, but the government may open it again for the public.

Chair Lift

Safari Park offers another exciting attraction known as the Chair Lift, providing the public with a 10-minute long ride. Unfortunately, the Chair Lift is currently not operational due to unforeseen circumstances, but it may reopen in the near future.

Wildlife at Safari Park

The main reason people visit Safari Park is to observe the diverse range of animals it offers. The vast area of the park is dedicated to different segments for various wild animals, ranging from small to large, and calm to wild. Some of the animals present at the park include lions, deer, monkeys, elephants, wild pigeons, wild cats, and mountain goats, along with many others. Visitors can also witness a wide variety of animals at the Karachi Zoo.


Safari Park provides outstanding facilities and is a beloved attraction among the public. The more time visitors spend here, the more they appreciate and enjoy the intricate details of the park. It is a memorable place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Make sure to add Safari Park to your must-visit list in Pakistan!