Srha Asghar shows off her dancing skills on song “Chalawa”

Srha Asghar shows off her dancing skills on song “Chalawa”

Making strides with her performance as “Washma”, Srha Asghar, has hit it out of the mark with her amazing moves to the title song of the movie “Chalawa”.

The actress has gained wide spread recognition after appearing in the massive hit “Pyaar Kay Sadqay”, as a brash, confident yet loving sister. Recently the actress went viral on social media with her amazing moves performed to the song “Chalawa”.

Throughout the performance, Srha gives quirky expressions and matches each beat of the song with her moves.

She is seen accompanied by her friend who also is wearing a similar dress and carrying the same look. Srha Asghar previously made headlines with her inspiring weight loss story.

She shares her before and after images to inspire people to lose weight in a healthy way rather than rushing therefore causing permanent damage to yourself.

Srha Asghar appeared in a morning show and shared how she lost so much weight.

Srha Asghar also loves to exercise as she posted her aerial yoga images on her Instagram.

Starting her career with ARY’s Khoat, Srha is soon making her film debut in horror/reality movie Record The Film.

Safe to say, Srha’s Instagram is a motivational space in an otherwise pretentious social media.