YouTube Fans and users demanding YouTube Office in Pakistan

YouTube Fans and users demanding YouTube Office in Pakistan by using Hashtag #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK

After recent hacking of big accounts on YouTube in Pakistan, Pakistani people are urging the management at YouTube to open a regional office in the country so that issues like these can be handled properly and the hashtag #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK is currently trending on Pakistani Twitter.

Recently, the famed YouTube Channel “Khujlee Family” with over 1.3 million followers got hacked, which led to the account being ineligible for monetization as per YouTube Guidelines.

Now Raza Somo, the star of the channel, who does funny commentary and gained millions of views for the family took to his Twitter account to share what had happened with his fans, urging them to support him during these tough times.

Although he has gained access to his account, a YouTube policy states that the content creator will not be able to make money from the account now.

People empathizing with the YouTuber starting sharing hashtag #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK that is currently trending on Pakistani Twitter.

Reality show star Waqar Zaka also shared the hashtag, standing against such policies.

People started tagging YouTube CEO on what Waqar Zaka was offering.

Some are just simply requesting the said demand.

Some highlighted the fact of how YouTubers in Pakistan are suffering despite putting in the work.


People are standing in solidarity with Raza Somo.

Everyone is hoping that the Administration on YouTube takes a look at the dire consequences of cybercrimes that good creators are suffering from and take concrete steps.