After The Ban On PUBG PTA Website Got Hacked

After The Ban On PUBG PTA Website Got Hacked

After the ban on PUBG game in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), PTA’s website has reportedly been hacked. The PTA has temporarily banned PUBG games across the country.

According to a notification issued by the PTA, PUBG has been temporarily suspended, upon receiving requests from different segments of society including Sindh police in this regard.

Ban on PUBG in Pakistan:

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has temporarily banned Inn Battle Grounds (PubG), a well-liked online game player within the country.

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According to a press release issued by PTA, in sight of complaints received from various quarters, PTA has decided to temporarily suspend PubG Game.

The statement said the PTA had received numerous complaints against the sport, saying it had been addictive, a waste of your time, and had serious negative effects on children’s mental and physical health.

PUBG Causes 3rd Suicides In Two Weeks:

The third case of suicide linked with the Players Unidentified Battlegrounds (PUBG) online game within the capital in a fortnight has alarmed the enforcement authorities.
Eighteen-year-old Shaharyar was reportedly found hanging during a room of his rented house in Punjab Housing Society near Ghazi Road on Tuesday.

Last week, Senior Superintendent of Police (Administration) Liaqat Ali Malik sent a letter to the IGP on the difficulty. He acknowledged that a youth, Mohammad Zakarya, son of Khawaja Sohail, a resident of Henjerwal, had committed suicide by hanging himself on Midsummer Eve after he missed the ‘mission’ assigned to him while playing the PUBG. A mobile was found on a bed near the body with the PUBG game running.

On June 20, a 20-year-old student of the second year at the FC College University had also reportedly committed suicide after being scolded by his family for enjoying the PUBG. The victim, identified as Jonty Joseph, lived in the North Cantonment area. His father reportedly reprimanded him for enjoying the web game for an extended period. The youth locked himself during a room. the subsequent day when he didn’t open the door, the family broke it and located him hanged.

PUBG leads to Suicide of 2 Teenagers in Lahore

The online game was developed by a South Korean company in 2017. it’s designed as a survival game during which the players are dropped onto an island and are alleged to fight to survive.

Applied Psychology Professor at Punjab University Dr. Farah Malik said the incidents and trends got to be studied within the context of the present Covid-19 situation. the youngsters had been locked in houses for the last four months and were frustrated as that they had no activities to channelize their energy.