Asim Azhar’s new song ‘Tum Tum’ faces backlash for featuring Areeka Haq, Celebrities came in Support

Asim Azhar's new song 'Tum Tum' faces backlash for featuring Areeka Haq, Celebrities came in Support

The famed singer and superstar of the Pakistani Music Industry, Asim Azhar is back with a new song “Tum Tum”, teaser of which was released online of social media featuring TikTok star Areeka Haq.

Asim Azhar also released with the teaser the official release date of the song which is 2nd July. This song comes after the mega successful release of Bollywood song “Humraah” for the film Malang.

The song has a lot of star power as it features actress Hania Aamir, actor Asad Siddiqui, tiktok star Areeka Haq, Urdu rap singer Rams, Talha Younis, Talha Anjum and singer and actor Taimur Salahuddin aka Mooroo will appear.

Though everyone was excited for the release of the new song, but along that came backlash for Areeka Haq, the mega TikTok star with over 5 million followers.

People started speaking out against Areeka Haq, the moment Asim Azhar made the announcement.

Here are some tweets trolling the young TikToker:

Asim Azhar was quick to shut down the trollers and tweeted himself:

When Asim was asked what it was like working with a TikTok star and how Areeka Haq is as a costar. Asim replied ”It was as nice as working with any other professional or costar. I think Areeka is an extremely talented girl and the world is yet to see her full potential. I must emphasize that she was very professional, and that was pleasantly surprising.”

Soon other celebrities joined in to support Areeka Haq on Twitter after the young TikToker posted about being depressed due to the backlash:

Areeka Haq Story on Tum Tum Song

Saba Qamar supported the 16 year old TikTok star:

More celebrities joined to support and encourage Areeba:

On the other hand, Hania Aamir also released a teaser of the song ‘Tum Tum’ on Instagram and expressed good wishes for her fellow artists.