Google suffers major outage affecting Gmail, Google drive and many other G suite services

Tech giant Google faced an outage on Thursday, which affected millions of users all around the globe.

No doubt, Google is one of the largest tech companies around the world and it is an quite unusual event since Google is providing us their products and services regularly and are of everyday use and most important for businesses, however, such technical difficulties can occur to any system.

It all started when users complaint regarding the problems they were facing while sending and receiving emails from around 2:00 pm AEST.

After that, Google announced at 3:30 pm that they are investigating issues with Gmail reported by the users.

Google then revealed that they are having Gmail And Google Drive outage, furthermore, the company pointed out Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Keep and Google Voice are suffering from service disruptions.

Moreover, the company received over 2,800 complaints from users regarding Google suite  services disruptions.

Users may face various difficulties while composing emails and send it to their boss or loved one’s, a pop-up message appears to the screen after every few seconds saying “Oops something went wrong” Recent changes may not have been save.

Google outage

Google itself confirmed via tweet, that there are some issues in the service that are being experienced by the users: