Proton Saga 1300cc Specifications, Features and Price in Pakistan

Proton Saga 1300cc Specifications, Features and Price in Pakistan

Proton Saga is a Malaysian car manufacturer established in 1985 and now becomes a successful manufacturer of Malaysia. This sedan was made based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore blueprint which was a sedan that was quite popular in its time. Now Proton is launching there successful “Proton Saga 1300cc” in Pakistan.

Al-Haj group will be the official distributor of Proton cars in Pakistan, which is currently contributing in many other industries of Pakistan as well, including Supply Chain, Procurement, Textiles & Metals, Trading and of course Automobile Manufacturing. Moreover, they made agreements a few time back, with our dear friend China, by introducing Al-haj Faw Motors in Pakistan.

The second generation of this vehicle was launched with many new features and facial changes to attract more customers in 2011. Versions from Proton Saga to Proton Saga FLX have undergone various changes over the past three decades. In Indonesia, this sedan is available at a reasonable price compared to other cars in the same segment of different brands.

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Engine, Mileage and Variant

Proton Saga FLX puts the 1.3-liter, DOHC 4-cylinder in-line engine under the hood of the car. This engine moves to a peak power of 94 hp at 5750 rpm along with a peak torque of 120 Nm at 4000 rpm. The acceleration and lift of this engine is also pretty good.

Proton Saga 1300cc Specifications, Features and Price in Pakistan

The engine starts from a standstill and reaches 100 kmph in 13 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 kmph. The overall performance of this engine is enhanced with a manual transmission gearbox. This 1.3-liter engine consumes about 5.7 liters of fuel for an average of 100 km on various terrain. This car has a large fuel tank with a storage capacity of 40 liters.


Exterior Proton Saga FLX has decent exterior features with neat finishes. The front grille holds an attractive Proton emblem and wings. The side and rear profiles of this sedan have an elegant appearance that gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. This Proton product measures 4278 mm x 1680 mm x 1520 mm (L x W x H0 and 2465 mm) wheelbase.

Wheelbase is long enough to ensure comfortable headroom and legroom for all 5 passengers. Continues with rims and tires mounted on Proton Saga FLX, this car has a 14-inch rim with 185/60 / R14 tires, and this rim and tire provide good stability for this vehicle even when running at an increased speed.

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Proton Saga FLX’s interior is kept simple but elegant. This sedan has an entirely black interior trim with leather-covered seats. The front seat of this vehicle is complete with reclining and sliding facilities for more comfort.

Proton Saga 1300cc Specifications, Features and Price in Pakistan

Talking about its luggage capacity, this sedan has 413 liters of luggage space that can hold quite a number of items. If you like to enjoy music while driving, this sedan has a decent entertainment system installed in it.

Proton Saga 1300cc Specifications, Features and Price in Pakistan

The AM / FM regulator along with the MP3 system is combined with an amplifier for full passenger entertainment. In addition, AUX-In and USB connectivity is provided on the Proton Saga FLX so that passengers can listen to the music of their choice.

Safety, Braking, and Others:

Proton Saga FLX is equipped with basic security features. Airbags are equipped in this sedan for the passengers of this vehicle. Safety belts are provided for all 5 passengers to ensure the safety of passengers.

Proton Saga 1300cc Specifications, Features and Price in Pakistan

EBD and ABS are installed to ensure the stability of the vehicle in slippery lanes. The vehicle immobilizer system is installed in this vehicle which keeps the vehicle from theft. An anti-theft alarm system is also provided at Proton Saga.

Ventilated disc brakes are installed in the front wheels and drum brakes are installed in the rear wheels of the vehicle. Speaking of handling, the Proton Saga FLX is equipped with a stabilizer bar at the front and beam torsion system at the rear axle for better handling at increased speeds.

Price in Pakistan:

Now, the most important question is, what will be the price for this car? It is to be expected that the price for the standard manual version of the car would be almost Rs2.1 Million, on the other hand, the superior auto version will be Rs2.4 Million.

Moreover,  the elite SAGA version of the car is expected to be cheaper than the standard 1.3L Toyota Yaris and since it is a budget car, the exterior and interior of the car may not be flashy and make you all excited about it, but you can also choose another shape of the car which is currently available only in the hatchback.

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This SAGA car will surely take off the attention of the other so-called ‘budget cars’ such as Cultus and Picanto, since it has a trunk.

Proton’s Saga can be an excellent alternative for Honda City, Yaris and other hatchback cars regarding the pricing structure, but at the end, it all depends upon if the distributor provides good customer service, the car has a good comfort level while driving, the car is smooth in the drive, the customer is satisfied with the car or not? and of course if the car has good resale value or not?

If this car has all these qualities, People will surely love this car and leave all other automobile brands behind.