Women Constable in Lahore got suspended for making TikTok in Uniform

Women constable in Lahore got suspended for making TikTok

Wafa Tauqeer, a women constable in Lahore, got suspended on Friday for making videos during his duty and uploading the video on famous video-sharing platform ‘TikTok’.

Although, the video was made and published on the video-sharing app couple of months ago, the video went viral on social media platforms and got noticed by the Lahore police department.

Punjab Operation DIG, Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, gave a statement to media in which he stated that:

“The popular Chinese video-sharing app ‘TikTok’ has a terrible effect on our society and the Lahore police has asked the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) to immediately Ban this application”

He also added by saying that,

“A person who was using this platform during his time of duty has brough huge disrespect on our police department”

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Contrarily, the women constable stated that, she was the only income producer in the family.

“I have made a small mistake by making a TikTok video on duty, but the price I had to pay is too much for me.”

There is already a huge buzz going around in the town, about TikTok going to get banned soon as the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has issued a final warning to the video sharing app saying that the application was having harmful effects in young and general public of the society. Also, to implement a comprehensive system to control “indecency, vulgarity and immorality in their social app.