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Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi Wedding

Inside Pakistani YouTuber Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi Star-Studded Wedding

Pakistan's most famous YouTuber, Saadur Rahman aka ''Ducky Bhai'' has officially tied the knot with the love of his life 'Aroob Jatoi' in a...

22 Indian TV Celebs Who Look Shockingly Similar

We all know the similarities between Aishwarya Rai and Sneha Ullal, Katrina Kaif and Zarine Khan but did you know about Indian TV celebs...
Sarah Khan, Imran Ashraf to star in upcoming drama 'Raqs-e-Bismil'

Sara Khan, Imran Ashraf to star in upcoming drama ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’

Making waves with their stellar performances in their own right, Sarah Khan in “Sabaat” and Imran Ashraf in “Mushk” have become audience favorite, and...
Paloma Thakeria

Poonam Dhilon’s Daughter Paloma Thakeria Is The Latest Star Kid On The Block!

Another star kid Paloma Thakeria is ready to break into the B-town. Daughter of the famous actress Poonam Dhillon, Paloma is quite a sensation...
Watch Zara Abid's short film ''Sikka' released on YouTube

Watch Zara Abid’s short film ”Sikka’ released on YouTube

Two days after the tragic death of the Pakistani Supermodel, Zara Abid, her debut short film has been released on YouTube. Just two days before...
Rubya Chaudhry starrer 'Bench' Short Movie Trailer is here

Rubya Chaudhry starrer ‘Bench’ Short Movie Trailer is here

Usman Mukhtar is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned within the Pakistani Entertainment Industry with blockbusters like “Anaa” and “Parchi”, now he has...

Tum Bin 2 Movie Songs Are the Next Romantic Hits of 2016

Tum Bin 2, which is an out-and-out romantic flick and also a sequel of Tum Bin, has already made a buzz around its fans...

Hania Amir Faces Backlash For Her Short Clothes In Na Maloon Afraad 2 Movie

Pakistan's rising talent, Hania Amir is all set to charm the big screen with Na Maloon Afraad 2 but the actress is getting a...
Mahira Khan Movies

3 Mahira Khan Movies ALL Indian Fans Need To Know About

Looks like Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is on a role. After her successful debut in Bollywood and her triumph on the box office, she is...
BOL Entertainment's Katakat Show with Mr. Bol Bachan Timing and other details

BOL Entertainment’s Katakat Show with Mr. Bol Bachan Timing and other details

Stacking up with programs that target the latest apps and the super hit personalities on it, BOL Entertainment has yet again brought out a...