Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli gets trolled By Pakistani ‘Fans’

Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli gets trolled By Pakistani ‘Fans’

After airing on Pakistani TV screens from Ramadan, Ertugrul: Ghazi has become a massive hit in the country and so has the starring cast. Pakistanis love all the actors that play the beloved historic characters and hail their performances on the global platform.

The drama came to the screens on Pakistan after gaining success worldwide and in Pakistan after airing on Netflix and after PM Imran Khan recommended it to be watched by the Pakistani youth, the drama was finally dubbed in Urdu and aired on PTV.

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But there are trollers who will always add some negativity to the good things happening and yet again they have attacked actors Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli.

Pakistani fans placed hefty effort to find an old video of the actress going out for a swim.

Same goes for the Instagram of Pakistan’s favourite female lead ‘Halime Sultan’, played by Esra Bilgiç, has enraged them. The beautiful Turkish actress who so gracefully plays the role is being trolled and criticized by many Pakistanis who expected her to live like Halime Sultan in real life.

Previously experiencing the trolls, Esra this time turned off her comments.

And there are many more adventures that these celebrities have in their personal lives pertaining to their unique personalities, so Pakistanis lashing out on them is just a testament of how brilliantly they all have performed their roles that people are unable to separate the actor form the character themselves.

Many celebrities like Yasir Hussain and Shaan Shahid have come out criticizing the airing of Ertugrul Ghazi, saying that the foreign content is affecting the Pakistani content itself and maybe the Government should fund projects that depict Islamic history themselves.